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Mar 20, 2013 6:00am PDT
and son" push i. or iman -- not her the angry model chucking phones. jacki: naomi campbell. hal: it would be the perfume bottle is a cell phone and you unscrew it. jacki: the old brick. hal: that would be genius. we will be getting to more of your favorite iraq lies in just a second. shameless plug, this weekend sunday night 7:00 pacific time, i'm doing a stage-it show at flappers with some of my comic friends. go to the website sign up, get ready to watch the show, buy a ticket. it's live, it's not saved on the internet anywhere. it is what it is. jacki: i captain d.v.r. it. hal: nope, you've got to be there. that's the really cool thing about it. i'm trying to help some of my comic friends get some exposure when they're not going to get it through the normal channels. plus my band, 01 is going to be playing on friday, the 29th at count vamp in las vegas and april 4 at viper room in los angeles. jacki: what day of the week is that? hal: that's a thursday. jacki: can you do a weekend show? because i can come to a weekend show. hal: the vegas one is on friday. it's us and saigon kick
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1